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Direct debits with weekly and monthly payment options are nothing new to the Gym industry, but it is relatively new to the sport of Squash. By using Debitsuccess to offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment options the doors have opened for more people to become members and involved in our Sport. In today’s ‘tough times’ it can be a big ask for a lot of people to front up with a year’s membership in one lump sum.

Debitsuccess makes it easy to set up these options. They take all the administration and time out of collecting fees. They do everything from provide our organisation with the stationery to get the members bank account details, to setting up the direct debits with the bank and monitoring that members are paying their membership.

With Debitsuccess collecting the fees, it also takes the emotion out of having to tell someone that you may play Squash with that they have got behind in paying their sub’s and need to pay. They do all this for you in a very professional manner.
Michael Williams, Club Manager
Palmerston North
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