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As users of Clubware for in excess of two years, we have found this software to be reliable, efficient and effective in member management.

Most impressive in my opinion is the expert support that is on hand for any technical issues.  When we first installed Clubware I was heavily reliant upon the support team to coach me through the many questions I had (as Clubware is such a powerful and comprehensive program), and the team were patient, kind, humorous at times (humour goes a great way to relieving stress that can arise when the computer isn’t working!) and incredibly informative and helpful in an easy to understand and apply manner.

Another excellent feature of Clubware is that when it really is beyond ones’ technological abilities, the experts can log on and do the work for you, while you watch and learn.

I fully recommend using Clubware.
Darcia Mather
Go 360 Health and Wellness Centre
New Zealand
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