‘Outsourcing’ has often been given a bad rap over the past couple of decades. It has been a word used with somewhat ominous overtones, sometimes associated with faceless corporations that downsize their local operations and send jobs offshore.

However, on the face of it, outsourcing as a concept makes perfect sense. Think about the way you run your house. If, for example, you had a broken pipe and needed something done with the plumbing, you would (most likely) outsource the job to a plumber.

Developing those specialist skills ‘in-house’ so to speak, would take an inordinate amount of time and effort. However, by handing over the job to someone who knows the task inside and out, you are completely freed up to get on with what you need to do.

More organisations today are realizing that many of the traditionally in-house aspects of their business can be effectively outsourced. One great example is the Australian Defence Force, which recently outsourced its military personnel recruitment campaign to a workforce solutions company.

Whether its an army or small business you’re running, handing over non-strategic parts of your operation to outside specialists allows you to focus on your core activities and minimize the need for administration.

However, a key aspect of a business that some administrators may be reluctant to outsource is their billing. Cash flow is crucially important of course, because without guaranteeing it, a business will not survive. However, while keeping this part of a business can help maintain a feeling of control, billing administration in itself may be costing your business money.

Maintaining time-intensive processes for billing and chasing up client payments can be a huge drain on costs and personnel. It can also sour relationships with clients if you are constantly chasing them for regular payments.

This is where Debitsuccess can help. As New Zealand’s leading specialist in billing solutions, a wide variety of businesses outsource these processes to us so they can get on with doing what they do best, while leaving the cash flow management in our safe hands.

And it works. With highly secure systems and an 80-seat Auckland based call centre, we manage customer payment processing efficiently and cost effectively – from sole traders to large networked businesses – saving them hours of personnel time, which assists their productivity.

Plus, by outsourcing to us, you’re not outsourcing internationally. While the stereotyped impression of outsourcing has been one where local call centres are routed offshore, Debitsuccess’ operations are all within New Zealand. This means we can maintain day-to-day control over the service and the quality of the delivery.

As business pressures increase, companies both large and small will need to improve their cost structure and productivity, and the move towards outsourcing will continue to grow.

For a business wanting to succeed, it comes down to a similar simple equation: Do everything you can to reduce costs and save money, so to maximise your profits and get the best out of your staff. Thought about in these basic terms, outsourcing is an obvious – and vital – strategy for business operations in the modern economy.