Credit Control Services

Every customer that experiences a payment reversal is contacted immediately by Debitsuccess’ dedicated call centre. Debitsuccess’
staff communicate effectively and in an appropriate manner with your customers on behalf of your organisation to rectify any outstanding payments, so the customer can begin to work out where the financial problem occurred.


Debt Collection

Debitsuccess’ effective and fair credit control process gives all customers three chances to remedy any outstanding financial responsibilities. If after the third request this still does not happen, formal debt collection processes may follow at your company’s discretion. Debitsuccess is able to pursue customers with overdue accounts, resulting in the maximisation of collections from all outstanding accounts.

Debitsuccess’ credit control Services have been developed over the years to ensure that if your customers are unable to meet their financial commitments to your company, we are in immediate contact with them to notify and attempt to rectify the problem before it worsens.

If a customer’s payment is reversed or declined, Debitsuccess uses the most effective means possible to contact them immediately to notify them of the issue. This includes the sending of SMS, e-mail and letters as well as phone calls to contact your customers. Our credit control system aim to have you paid in as efficient a time frame as possible, while at the same time seeking to nurture and retain your customer relationship.