When it comes to customer service, there are plenty of “do’s and don’ts” – so where do you start? We’ve put some key questions to Siala Uepa-Holmes, our Customer Service Manager to get her experience and some industry gems that could make a difference in your business:

Saving Money versus Customer Service

The way of the world today means increasing pressure to do things faster, more efficient and at a lower price – what would you say to a contact centre leader under pressure to cut costs but maintain customer service levels?

“Gather the facts through case studies on the effects of high occupancy which will lead to burnout, absence and negativity, resulting in bad customer service and the loss of revenue as clients leaving the business to a competitor.”

Boosting productivity

Looking for that little something extra from your team? How do you improve front line productivity?

“Our Team Leaders are trained to constantly review their agents’ statistics and to push them to their limits without compromising customer service delivery.”

Dealing with social media complaints

While social media offers a raft of opportunities for businesses, it can also cause some pain! How do you deal with negative complaints on social media?

“Get on to it straight away. Sort the complaint out and respond.”

Scheduling staff

Scheduling shifts can be a real headache in some organisations. In your opinion what’s the best way to schedule staff for a contact centre? Should you allow them to select shifts themselves or should they be set for them?

Every centre is different. Shifts are set in our centre between 8.30am to 8pm. The day shifts are fixed and the night shifts which range from 10.30am to 8pm rotate every six months. For example an agent will work 10.30am to 7pm during the winter months (6) and then changes to 11.30am to 8pm for the summer months (6). The breaks are broken up as 2 x 30 minutes for each FTE which works for us.

Setting service levels

While there may be industry statistics, each contact centre is different – so how do you set service levels?

“We look at what we would personally want as a level of service – then step it up a notch. We have to be mindful of over servicing and related costs, however we have a good balance here. The team feel they’re delivering quality service and like to be challenged, especially if you tell them you believe in them and you know they can do it.”

At Debitsuccess, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and, with leaders like Siala, it’s no wonder our team is an industry leader.

Debitsuccess is part of the Transaction Services Group (TSG), a leading global payment solutions provider with a presence in Australasia and the UK.