As a finalist for Contact Centre Manager of the Year (under 50 seats), Debitsuccess Contact Centre Manager Siala Uepa-Holmes is well placed to provide helpful insights into the world of customer service.  Here are some snapshots to build customer service stars:

Our culture is built around the ethos of ‘training is in our DNA’.  This means leading the team effectively and encouraging them to deliver excellence in customer experience – both internally and externally.

Being a proactive hands-on leader with a vested interest in staff development, we provide opportunities for development through a range of initiatives.

We run a comprehensive mentoring programme which includes intensive coaching sessions with each individual agent.  I also empower the leadership team to drive their agents personally to succeed by communicating regularly with them through one-to-one sessions called Face Time.

In addition we have found small group workshops – pod training – to be both effective and interactive, enabling us to draw ideas from the wider team to improve learning across the board.  Team meetings with all team leaders and/or their 2IC also take place at least once a month.

From this and by adopting the ‘family’ approach, we have encouraged a strong culture amongst the wider team of trust.

We also support staff development is to ensure staff have appropriate challenges to keep them engaged and interested.  Examples include appointing a Team Leader to manage the CRM Awards project and another staff member to review the training manual.

We are committed to continuous improvement whether it be the technology we implement to assist our agents, the rigorous coaching culture we drive or the tools we provide to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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