There are people out there – people who are willing to engage with your charity and donate to its cause.  So how do you turn them from a one-off donor into a regular supporter?

As a leading payment solution provider, we can help you develop a simple payment programme that can be offered to donors.  The benefits are both broad and beneficial, from helping increase long-term retained giving to reducing internal administration.

At Debitsuccess, we’re all about designing payment strategies to suit our customers.  We assist a number of charities to improve cash flow and create loyal repeat donors.  We’ve found that offering a range of options makes giving easier and helps encourage regular donations.

A key aspect of this is integrating payment systems on your charity’s website and offering an online donation option.  This paperless method of payment enables supporters to conveniently and easily establish direct debit payments to the charity via the charity’s website, helping to turn one-off supporters into regular donors.

This poses a significant opportunity for charities and many are already seeing benefits, including SPCA Waikato.

Talk to our team today about how we can help your organisation’s success.