Client FAQs

Getting started with Debitsuccess

Is it easy to set up?

Simplifying your payments with Debitsuccess is super easy. We take care of billing, customer service and credit control, and our award-winning team is able to walk you through the process. This means you that, once you’re all set up, you can focus on other areas of your business.

Where do I start?

Talk to our team – in terms of what’s right for your business, we can work with you to tailor our solution to meet your needs. Once the details have been confirmed, we can assist you with set up, communications and ongoing support.

Switching to Debitsuccess

Can I switch to Debitsuccess from another payment provider?

Absolutely! We’re happy to work with you to facilitate this to ensure it goes smoothly and with minimal disruption to your business and regular cash flow. Our team does this regularly and can assist you through the process.

The Debitsuccess solution

What does Debitsuccess do?

We’re a full service direct debit initiator – we provide flexible tailored payment solutions, taking care of billing, customer service and credit control, all with the highest level of credit card security.

Is it online?

The enrolment process is online and we offer a range of methods for submitting billing contracts:

  • Web based software that allows Direct Debit Requests (DDR Contracts) to be completed, signed and submitted electronically for immediate loading via a tablet or computer
  • Online sign ups from your website allows your customers to sign up a recurring payment contract instantly via your website or social media platform
  • Application Programming Interface (API) allows direct debit contracts can be loaded automatically from your website or CRM system.

These methods offer plenty of benefits from reducing the risk of data entry errors to providing fully customisable forms and templates that are 100% online for 24/7 application access.

Is it secure?

Debitsuccess has the top level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – level 1. This compliance means we have the policies, procedures, physical structures, and technologies to ensure credit card information is protected.

Training and support

What training does Debitsuccess provide?

Our team provides comprehensive training – initially when you’re set up, as well as ongoing training as our products/services are developed and as required. This includes face-to-face, webinars, regular communications and seminars.

We’re just a call or email away to assist with any queries you may have.

How does Debitsuccess follow up on outstanding payments?

We have robust credit control processes supported by an award-winning team. We’re not debt collectors; however, every customer who has a payment reversal is contacted through a combination of SMS, telephone, email and letters.

We aim to get you your money as soon as possible and, at the same time, retain your customer for you.

Does Debitsuccess provide reports?

A full suite of reports is available to you every day. We provide a daily status report which includes a summary of the previous day’s activity and is emailed directly to your inbox. We also provide a weekly payout and status report covering activities in more detail, including debits and deductions taken, commission charged, net payment, details of each transaction and overdue customers.

Furthermore, there is a range of online reports available 24/7 through our Online Client Portal. This includes comprehensive information around customers such as number added, cancelled, active and overdue.


Can you integrate with my existing/new system?

In most cases, we can work with you to create a seamless integration with Debitsuccess and your existing website or CRM software.

How does it work?

Our Application Programming Interface (API) enables simple uploading of customer billing information to the Debitsuccess billing platform and the retrieval of successful and unsuccessful billing transactions. This can be implemented as a white label solution, providing an enhanced user experience for your brand.

What support does Debitsuccess provide?

Integration partners are provided with a dedicated Project Manager to ensure a successful and seamless integration. Please contact us for details on the Debitsuccess API.

Customer FAQs

How does Debitsuccess work?

Debitsuccess provides solutions for memberships, recurring payments, subscriptions and payment plans. We’re a specialist billing company that works for a large number of businesses.

We collect contract payments for these businesses by setting up flexible payment plans with their customers. We then pay the businesses what we collect.


How do I change my contact details?

It’s easy – contact our award-winning customer service team through one of the following channels:

In New Zealand



In Australia




Can I change my payment schedule?

Absolutely – contact our award-winning customer service team through one of the following channels:

In New Zealand



In Australia




My credit card had insufficient funds available during the monthly debit cycle, how do I make a payment?

It’s easy to make a payment online anytime via

Our award-winning customer service team is also here to help. You can contact them to make a payment through one of the following channels:

In New Zealand


In Australia