A number of organisations claim they offer a full service – so what does this look like in the world of payment solutions?

When it comes to collecting regular payments from customers, some businesses follow up outstanding payments with an email or an SMS with a link to pay online. It goes without saying that this doesn’t necessarily equate to payments being made and managed.

Our research indicates that sending an SMS will get 7% of customers to click on a link and make a payment, with another 7% calling immediately to make payment arrangements. All well and good if there’s someone for customers to contact and manage the correspondence around the payment.

What happens to the 86% of people who haven’t responded? And others who don’t have a valid mobile phone number or no mobile phone at all? Do they get a follow up via email, letter or telephone? And who makes and receives these responses and monitors how they’re handled?

This is where ‘full service’ comes into its own. Having a website payment channel only works if there are dedicated people able to manage the responses and follow up where appropriate – otherwise the communication is as effective as the other SPAM messages that don’t get opened.

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