“What should we do this month?”

“How about we do a letter box drop?”

“Anyone got an idea?”

Operating without a marketing plan can take you on a wild ride – and even if you do get there you probably have no idea how you did it. That’s why when it comes to lead generation a game plan is the way to go.

There are a number of do’s and don’t’s with this planning. Price discounting can be a race to failure and poor lead administration can mean opportunities are missed. So how do you feed the lead generation funnel?

Firstly you need to understand where your business stands now, your niche and your market then develop programmes accordingly. There are four key areas to help get the ball rolling:

External – marketing to people outside of your facility who are not current members. From the ‘usual’ methods like TV, radio and print advertising to giveaways, stands and lead boxes, the key is planned activities that are consistent in both look and quality.

Internal – targeting to your existing clients to generate referrals and new opportunities through initiatives like a referral contest with a prize of free membership for a selected period of time.

Corporate – aimed specifically at corporate opportunities including business card competitions.

Community – programmes aimed at raising your facility’s profile in the community with organisations such as groups and schools.

A combination of these initiatives and other campaigns will help generate recognition and brand confidence. By getting these basics right and positively using the power of the social media community you’ll have a strong game plan and can get your lead generation funnel flowing.