Caring for little ones, running a business, keeping up with day-to-day operations, ensuring required paperwork is completed – running a childcare business is not without its challenges!

So, when it comes to payments, it’s vital to have security, efficiency, affordability and of course a system that’s easy for you, your team and parents/caregivers to use. This helps minimise time and resources so you and your team can focus on the cornerstone of your childcare business – the children.

Constant, reliable cashflow

Payment solutions comprising direct debit provide recurring income. This constant, reliable cashflow provides greater certainty for forecasting and means you can ensure all aspects of your childcare facility continuing to be safe, secure and fresh.

Frequency and flexibility

When looking at payment options for your childcare business, consider frequency and flexibility around debit days where possible to increase payments and minimise failed payments. It’s valuable to give your parents/caregivers the option of a secure online payment method for a time and day that’s most convenient for them, supporting regular automated payments.

This greatly assists with affordability and makes it easier for parents/caregivers not to fall behind on their payments, otherwise the overdue amount can snowball quickly, particularly given the average childcare payment of $250 per week.

Going digital

Technology is making direct debit even simpler and more affordable for a range of organisations, including childcare businesses. Automated payments means one less thing for parents/caregivers to do and, with an effective payment solutions provider, it means you don’t have to do any follow up.

Reduce administration

Direct debit massively reduces the administrative burden on your team by leaving chasing late or unpaid accounts with payment experts. This gives you considerable time and resource savings, allowing you to focus on your childcare business.

Increase occupancy

Parents/caregivers with accounts on direct debits typically stay longer because it’s an affordable and efficient payment method. This ease of use, combined with a comprehensive level of protection, can increase customer loyalty and improve occupancy for your childcare business.

 Safe and security

The security of personal information is upmost in many people’s minds, particularly given today’s increasingly online nature. Direct debit is a safe and secure way to make payments as all data and credit card information is protected, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

 Integrated with other solutions

With the expertise of an outsourced payment provider, you’re in control with regular reports that are customisable so you can select the insights that are most relevant for your business. This helps you understand what has been paid, when payments are due, what’s outstanding and more; all helping with cashflow management.

What’s more, our solutions are completely integrated so all of your parent statements are up to date. This includes integration with QikKids software, the most innovative software for childcare centres with over 7,000 childcare services across Australia currently using it. QikKids calculates all government subsidies so that parents are only sent the balance for payment via Debitsuccess.

We all know that when it comes to choosing a childcare centre, families look for facilities with safe activity areas, modern resources and an outstanding team. With an experienced payment solutions provider, you can ensure you have a fast, secure and consistent method for childcare fee payments so you and your team can focus on the families and the children you care for.

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