Fitness industry statistics 2019

Latest fitness industry statistics show nearly a quarter of all members aren’t actively using their gym memberships. So, do you work to bring these members back into your gym or will that risk waking up these sleepers and they may cancel their membership all together?

The first step is to understand why these members haven’t accessed the club in 120 days. The reasons may include uncertainly around what to do in the gym, a perceived lack of value of their membership, and the very common ‘life is just getting in the way’ challenge!

Given this high statistic and possible reasons, how can you find out which members are sleeping and what should you do? You can consider a range of solutions to reach out to your sleepers. For example, franchisees can task personal trainers to reach out to clients they have a rapport with. A ‘we miss you’ email campaign is also a great way to inform members (current and sleeping!) about all the latest happenings at the facility, updates and team changes – and , with the inclusion of an invitation to come in and chat about the member’s fitness journey signed off by the founder of the facility is the finishing touch! Finally, creating opportunities to bring your member community together, such as a charity event, is a further way to reach those sleeping members.

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