Leading payment solutions provider Debitsuccess has announced a strategic partnership with Cap2 Solutions, specialists in course management systems.

The integration will see information shared between Debitsuccess and Cap2 databases to facilitate accurate and efficient course administration, including payment plans and customer service.  It can be utilised for any sport being taught or coached from swimming and tennis to gymnastics and martial arts.

“We are excited to partner with Cap2 and offer even more options for our clients,” says Davin Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Debitsuccess Australia.  “Working together, we’re able deliver solutions that connect the full-service payment capability of Debitsuccess to the course management expertise of Cap2 so our clients can do even more.”

Alex Davison, Sales Development Manager, Cap2 Solutions agrees: “This partnership enhances the respective and complementary end-to-end offerings of both organisations to further assist existing and potential clients.”

The integration facilitates a wide range of benefits including accurate administration, course co-ordination, and increased customer service; as well as providing up-to-date reporting options and portable hand held technology.

Mr Miller adds: “This alliance and the simple, yet cutting-edge solution it enables means we can offer customers the benefits of time-saving and productivity-increasing technological advances.”

Debitsuccess is part of Transaction Services Group (TSG), a leading global payment solutions provider with a presence in Australasia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Cap2 Solutions is a division of Jonas Software Inc., which owns and operates over 50 market leading software companies around the world.

For more information visit www.debitsuccess.com and www.cap2.co.uk

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