Family owned and operated local business 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington prides itself on delivering a warm friendly gym environment for all its members.

The 24-hour 900sqm gym provides a mixture of group fitness classes, a variety of pin-loaded equipment, and a large free weights area.  It also offers a comprehensive payment solution meaning an ‘any day, any frequency’ option for its members.

24/7 Power Fitness Maddington uses the service of leading payment solutions provider Debitsuccess to manage members’ payments, enabling the gym to concentrate on its members and their needs.

Facility Owner Operator Chris Winter says the solution is working well for both the gym and its members.

“With Debitsuccess on board, the processing and collection of payments are taken care of which is hugely beneficial for our business,” says Chris.

Payment plans can be tailored to suit members’ individual financial situations.  This approach is based on the subscription economy – a business model increasingly being used by businesses of all sizes to secure reliable cash flow.  This is where customers have the ability to pay for goods and services via a regular, frequent installment plan, rather than a large lump sum.

Chris adds: “I can advise organisations managing their own direct debit arrangement that it is worthwhile changing over to a company that handles the whole process.  Not only does it save time, but I’ve also found that with the debit collection option, people pay their outstanding balances.”

Debitsuccess is also Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant and accredited, ensuring the highest level of credit card security is provided.

With flexible payment options and confidence in security and technology, 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington is able to focus on other important aspects of its business, including its members and popular friendly environment.

Debitsuccess is part of Transaction Services Group (TSG), a global direct debit billing service business with a presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.  Initiating over 50 million transactions worth more than $2 billion annually, TSG specialises in the delivery of recurring payment solutions for a wide range of industries.


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