28 June 2018
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FILEX, Fitness Show Sydney 2018 & More!

It was great to catch up with a number of clients in Sydney recently for FILEX 2018!

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Working with VETtrak to help RTOs and their students
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More than four million people across Australia participate in RTO courses so payment options are incredibly helpful. That’s why we’ve partnered with VETtrak to provide benefits for RTOs and their students in Australia.

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Our Team

Welcome to our new team members – Debbie Jones, Business Development Manager in New South Wales, focusing on health and fitness clients; Alex Calder, Account Manager specialising in Health & Fitness and Vanessa-Mae Santiago, Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

We’d also like to acknowledge Margaret Weller and Pam Vasaiwalla who have both recently celebrated 10 years with Debitsuccess. We’re proud to have such a great team helping our current and prospective clients.

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Fitstop going from Strength to Strength with Debitsuccess Support
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One of the preeminent functional training groups in Australia, Fitstop and Debitsuccess have worked together for a number of years now to create a streamlined system as Fitstop grows into multiple locations.

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Operations Update

We’ve made several operational improvements recently including:

  • A number around OMG:
    • Decommissioning the old (legacy) OMG – all OMG templates created moving forward will use the new mobile friendly version of OMG;
    • All old (legacy) OMG links will redirect to the new OMG – so you haven’t updated your links, there is an automatic redirect in place. While the look and feel are different, the functionality remains the same;
    • Custom fields can now be ticked mandatory – for example, if you want a custom question “What size shirt are you” to be mandatory, this can now be selected in the OMG template;
    • Cleaner banner, background image and colour layout in the OMG template settings making it easier to set up;
  • Custom Cancellation Reasons are available via the self-service website, allowing you to define your own cancellation reasons. This means you can more accurately record and analyse reasons why your customers cancel their contracts;
  • The Daily Status Report (DSR) Dashboard has been released to all our clients! This new version of the DSR will eventually replace the PDF version which is currently emailed daily. What’s more, it has additional features including:
    • The ability to run data for any time period e.g. month to date, last financial year, etc;
    • A summary page providing a high-level snapshot of how your business is doing
    • Direct links to your customers’ account details so you can easily access and update information’
    • Analyse and understand trends of your business.

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