21 March 2018
Welcome to the latest Debitsuccess news. The year is off to a busy start! Here’s a snapshot and you can get more info on Debitsuccess and other industry news through our social media channels – FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.
Welcome our Head of People and Culture
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Welcome to Lucia Cyril – the new Head of People and Culture for Transaction Services Group (TSG). Lucia has a comprehensive background and expertise in HR, as well as an understanding of the combination of software and services solutions that underpins TSG.

We are committed to being an Employer of Choice and promoting a workplace culture that encourages loyalty and pride so are very excited to have Lucia in our team.

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Off to IHRSA
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Some of our team attended leading international health and fitness event IHRSA in San Diego, where we proudly exhibited all three of our brands – Debitsuccess, Links Modular Solutions and Clubware. We look forward to sharing an update from this premium event.

The Dialler Effect
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Since the introduction of the dialler we are making an additional 40,000-50,000 outbound calls to customers with outstanding payments each month. While only 19% of people may answer a call, this increased call volume means we are speaking to an additional 350-400 people per day regarding their overdue accounts. More importantly, we are also leaving significantly more messages and alerting people to their issues.

This has had a twofold effect:

  1. We are receiving more calls into the Contact Centre about overdue accounts – up to 51% of inbound calls from 40%;
  2. We have seen a significant increase in payments being made through the PAYNOW portal – an additional 20,000 payments a month.

This has seen the percentage of overdue customers drop to a 10 year historical low during the months of January and February, which are usually tougher months for payments following on from the Christmas and New Year period. Typically missed payments spike in January and February as the follow on from Christmas spending, holidays, and back to school activities impacts household cash flows.

Introducing the Daily Status Report Dashboard

We’re making it easy for you to review your business performance with a Daily Status Report Dashboard. The dashboard replaces the Daily Status Report that you currently receive as a PDF via email each day.

This dashboard will be accessible via your Client Login where you will be able to view a summary of all the important information from the previous day. The dashboard is presented to you in a visual way which makes analysis trends and crunching numbers super easy and simple to follow.

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What are the benefits?
The new insights have been designed to make understanding the performance of your club/s easier. You still get access to the reports that you are used to: memberships added, cancelled, suspended, due to expire, cancellation requests, payment stop and payments made at facility – only now we have made them so much more user friendly.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • View live results of your club anytime, anywhere by simply accessing your client log-in
  • Get the full-picture with a complete summary of all the important numbers
  • Stay ahead of the game with your business decisions and visually review your peaks, troughs and seasonal trends
  • Keep your finger on the pulse at your business and identify projected finish dates of contracts allowing you to be prepared for any potential loss in revenue
  • Marketing know-how made easy with these reports, contact new-joiners or recent cancels and put together timely marketing communication messages
  • Connect the dots during any period of time you choose, the dashboard reports help you define key correlations between sign ups and cancellations

When will I be able access the Daily Status Report Dashboard?
Your Account Manager will start rolling this out to businesses in April.

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