Spend any amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site and sooner or later someone will say ‘OMG!’ Typically it’s something people say when they experience something exceptional, be it a great meal, a great movie, or just a great coffee!

At Debitsuccess, OMG has an extra meaning. For those who don’t know, OMG (Online Management Gateway) is our secure, paperless billing system that lets your customers purchase goods or sign up for an offer instantly online and their payments are processed via credit card, debit card or bank account.

Since its release in 2008, OMG has become the software of choice for a wide range of businesses that process large numbers of regular client payments. Over that time frame, those same businesses have also stepped up their engagement with social media as a place to interact with their customers.

To keep up with these evolving business needs, Debitsuccess has released a new updated version of the OMG software that has made some improvements to enhance customisability and simplify the user experience.

Key among these is that OMG can now integrate with social media platforms. It can be linked to your website or Facebook page to create a seamless purchase or sign up process for new customers.

It’s all about convenience. With OMG, there is no need for prospective customers to visit you in person to make a purchase or to sign up. Plus it’s instant, with no paper, no signatures and no waiting.

The cost-saving and administrative benefits of collecting recurring payments using OMG are far-reaching for businesses that have a high level of customer engagement in online and social media spaces.

What’s more, unlike other products on the market that process recurring payments, we provide the OMG tool to our clients for no added service fee.

So, for those who are familiar with OMG, here are some of the changes and new features we’ve added.

Account Template

An editing feature has been added to the Account Template maintenance screen to allow the text which customers view on your form to be edited easily.

Custom Fields

Collecting additional information, such as ‘shirt size’ or ‘employer’, from your customers has been simplified, with the option to add up to ten additional custom fields.

Brand Template

We have added a new business template, which is especially tailored to suit B2B requirements. (This can be selected under ‘template type’.)

Additional options and improvements include:

General Look & Feel

Visual cues have been enhanced to aid navigation and help users differentiate between required and optional fields.

Joining Fee/First Payment

There is a new option to have the joining fee/first payment collected prior to regular installments beginning.

If you’ve never experienced OMG before, consider this. OMG will help your business improve cash flow and decrease admin costs, also eliminating the need for annual renewals. Your customers simply commit for a set minimum period and remain paying customers until such time as they give notice of their desire to cancel the arrangement or their goods are fully paid for.

OMG is going to continue to improve and grow with our clients into the future. That’s definitely something to get excited about!