There’s no doubt that education costs.  And when you’re a student, anything that can help you keep on top of these costs and make life easier between study, work and having a life is worth considering right?

That’s why flexible payment options work for many students. Tailored payment plans means payments can be spread across any day and any frequency.  And with no finance company involvement, this option is increasingly appealing for many students – here’s why:


Providing flexible payment options helps with staying on top of fees, allowing students to choose a manageable payment plan that suits their individual financial situation.  For example, it may suit to make a payment towards fees on a particular day of the week or month.


The security of personal information is upmost in many people’s minds, particularly given today’s increasingly online nature.

As an Authorised Representative under the Australian Financial Services Licensing Regime, Debitsuccess is compliant with anti-money laundering legislation.  We’re also an externally audited Level 1 compliant company under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – the highest level.  This means all data and credit card information is protected – an important aspect when it comes to payments.


The more frequent the payment, the smaller the amount will be.

Weekly payments tend to be the most popular with students.  Clearly, paying a smaller amount – be it weekly or fortnightly – is more achievable.


Paying for courses by recurring payments means greater flexibility and helps with budgeting.  It means students don’t have to queue to pay tuition fees or stress about paying on time, providing there are sufficient funds available in the selected account on the due date.

What’s more, questions regarding payment plans can be easily addressed via email or phone.

So when it comes to education costs, a tailored payment plan may suit, ultimately saving time and money so the focus can be on what’s really important – education.