Choice, choice and more choice. Options are fundamental when it comes to making payments regular for your health & fitness facility and simple for your members.

There are a number of payment methods available – from direct debit and credit card to good old fashioned cash. Some are easier for members to manage, and some are easier for facilities to process. So how do you know what are the best options for you?

In an increasingly online world, digital payments are proving the most popular method with the majority of customers. This is largely due to convenience – after all, how many of us carry cash these days? Direct debit is accessible 24/7 and allows costs to be spread in regular smaller payments, as opposed to a lump sum. Plus, utilising a full service payment provider means payments can be aligned to agreed dates and frequencies, meaning increased flexibility for members and ultimately steady cashflow for facility owners like you!

Direct debit is a popular choice for many health & fitness facility owners due to its multitude of benefits. These include business efficiencies, increased member retention, a high level of security and, with a full service provider, comprehensive member management and customer service. We all love anything that minimises administration, right? As a facility owner, working with a full service payment solutions provider means you’ll have more time to concentrate on the operational and service driven aspects of your health & fitness business.

When evaluating the most appropriate method to systemise payments for your facility, these are just some aspects to keep top of mind while considering both your business and your members.