“We really appreciate the relationship we have with Debitsuccess, and their ability and willingness to serve our needs. For the scale of an operation like ours, they needed to be able to deliver a good product and manage it well – which they do. It’s great to get such personalized service that gives us a site that’s a bit different and unique, and complements the rest of what we do

The OMG system lets us offer our customers a mechanism for signing up and managing their gym membership that is instant, easy-to-use and paperless. It takes away the stress and complications of the administration process and means people can start enjoying their gym experience sooner. The greatest benefit of OMG is that it helps us with customer retention. More people are using the web these days for managing their lives, and the OMG site gives our customers the flexibility to pay for, manage and transfer memberships quickly and efficiently.

The fitness industry has a naturally transient workforce, with staff often working just for short periods of time in between travel and other personal life pursuits. That means we constantly need to train and retrain staff in using administration systems. OMG’s ease of use removes that issue from the business equation. It reduces our staff spending time and energy in learning the system, letting us run the business more smoothly and allowing them to spend their time on taking care of customers.”