The word outsourcing is often associated with negative overtones.  Think outsourcing, and there’s a high chance many will think of local job losses due to outsourcing of a company’s business function to the Philippines, or a less-than-satisfactory experience with an offshore call centre.

But despite such perceived negative aspects, outsourcing has only continued to grow.  In fact, outsourcing is now being embraced by organisations of all sizes and domains. From startups to large enterprises, outsourcing continues to be a tool of choice to gain competitive advantage in the business world.

The recent global economic crisis is testament to the fact that businesses not only need to learn how to survive during a downturn, but also need to look at newer ways of overcoming weak economic conditions.

The reality is that for many Australasian businesses, outsourcing is much more viable than taking on additional headcount to manage specialist areas of the business.  For business owners, outsourcing non-strategic business functions to experts is the most cost effective option and far less costly than increasing head count to manage the requirements in house.

And it allows you to focus on your core activities and minimise the need for administration.

It’s not a surprise that billing is an aspect of business that some administrators may be reluctant to outsource.  The reality is that while keeping this part of the business may help maintain a feeling of control over crucial cashflow, billing administration in itself may be costing money.

Chasing up client payments and managing billing processes can be a huge drain on costs and personnel.  And like it or not, it also has potential to sour relationships with clients if you are constantly chasing them for regular payments.

Reducing the administrative overhead and freeing up time otherwise spent on the small part of your revenue stream in tasks providing limited return, like chasing the bad payers, or processing and reconciling billing files, makes good business sense. That time can be spent on the things that positively impact your business, like generating new sales, retaining good clients, or looking at ways to increase current client spend  – ultimately all contributing to business profitability.

Ask yourself what would provide more benefit to your business – 20 hours a week chasing the customers with payment issues, or 20 hours invested in generating new leads or talking to your existing clients to maintain their business?

If you prefer the latter, this is where Debitsuccess can help.  As Australasia’s leading specialist in billing solutions, a wide variety of businesses outsource these processes to us so they can get on with doing what they do best, while leaving the cash flow management in our safe hands.

With highly secure systems and a 100-seat New Zealand-based call centre, we manage customer payment processing efficiently and cost effectively – from sole traders to large networked businesses – saving them hours of personnel time, which assists their productivity.

And outsourcing with Debitsuccess keeps your business local.  Despite the stereotyped impression of outsourcing being one where local call centres are routed offshore, DS operations are all within Australasia, supported by a team of more than 180 people covering billing, call centre customer management, credit control and client account management.  This means you can be assured that we maintain day to day control over the service.

So will outsourcing survive in years to come? The answer is a definite yes. Outsourcing will continue to survive in the future, as it provides companies the access to specialised skills and genuine cost and time savings, which can be channeled into the other core business ventures.

If you’d like to learn more about how outsourcing your billing requirements could increase your productivity and reduce costs, please contact the team at Debitsuccess.