If you’re looking to make education affordable for ALL parents, then we can help.

Our Debitsuccess solution is flexible in a number of ways. Firstly, we can help break the full range of school related costs into smaller more manageable payments – from school and tuition fees to devices and school camps.

What’s more, our solution is flexible in terms of payments as parents can set up their direct debit amount on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency – and they can pay via their bank account or credit card. Our award-winning customer service team is also able to assist with any payment queries or changes.

This approach helps parents stay on top of school expenses, allowing them to choose a manageable payment plan that suits their individual financial situation. With Debitsuccess taking care of the entire process including billing, customer service and all the follow up for your school, you save time and administration cost.

Working with our clients to make education affordable for all

In New Zealand, we work with Cyclone Finance to make the ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ initiative possible for students by organising finance and payment plans.

It’s a simple approach that works – Cyclone secure funds (lease agreement) and buy the devices on half of the parents, and the parents pay off the device expense with a flexible Debitsuccess School Payment Plan.

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